Mission Statement of Senzoku Gakuen

Mission Statement

Allow the young students
to awaken their life's goals,
awaken divine vocation of human being,
and cultivate minds filled with humility and benevolence
so that Senzoku Gakuen can bring up
decorous, men and women of action.

Educational Philosophy

Based upon the desire of founder Ms. Wakao Maeda,
upon the Mission Statement,
and upon the spirit of Fundamental Law of Education,
Senzoku Gakuen helps our students develop their characters with
special emphasis on the following;
1. Try to promote their mental and physical health
2. Try to forge their strong beliefs with moderate and fair conception of life
3. Try to build minds with adoration and autonomy
4. Try to develop gradually a wealth of consciousness and adequate judgement
5. Try to develop simplicity, devotion to industry, and responsible behavior of rendering service willingly
6. Try to learn from experience of our motto "Setting ideals high and far away and doing actions humbly"

Under this mission statement and educational philosophy, Senzoku Gakuen tries to integrate the education of Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, Junior College, College, and Graduate School. Senzoku Gakuen tries to enhance its successful and new life educational approach.