Origin of "Senzoku"

It was 1924 when the founder Ms. Wakao Maeda established the Hiratsuka Sewing School for Women, which was the matrix of today's Senzoku Gakuen, at old Hiratsuka-mura (presently Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo). In 1926, the school moved to the place where Senzoku Gakuen Daiichi High School is located now, and the name was changed to "Senzoku Women's Senior High School"

The area around the school was formerly called Ebara-gun and was a part of Musashino.

The name of the school seems to be derived from the name of place "Senzoku", however, it is not. Senzoku Gakuen is not a missionary school, but Ms. Wakao Maeda was a pious Christian, which is reflected in the name of "Senzoku".

There is a description that Jesus washed the diciples' feet in the Gospel according to St. John. The kanji character of "Sen" means "wash" and that of "zoku" means "feet".

Ms. Wakao Maeda considerd about the ideal education, had faith in Chrisitianity, and loved to sing hymns named the school Senzoku. The educationl goal was based profoundly on Christian thanksgiving and devotion, sacrifice and service.